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changing it up

In Fall 2014, I will have a new class, Geometry 1A.  I’m a excited to have the chance to teach something besides basic math and pre-algebra.  It’s a small group, only 6 kids.  They’re in the 1A version because it lets them take things at a slower pace.  Which means I have lots of time to do task instead of chapters.  I do still have the constraint of following the text content, since they will take the second half of Geometry in a text based class.  But I will have the freedom to change it up a little.

I laid out a scope and sequence and then started working on the content.  To help keep it straight, I have made a spreadsheet that’s color coded to my scope & sequence.  Geometry 1A Content and Geometry 1A Scope & Sequence.  Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.27.51 PM

I was just on twitter looking for a task that I heard of or read about somewhere.  It has students in pairs with some type of screen between them.  One student has an image they have to describe.  The other student has to reproduce the image based on the description of the first student.  Hedge (@approx_normal) sent me this (see 3rd page), but it isn’t quite what I wanted.  However, I do like the idea of having students build 3 dimensional objects and then describing them to their partner for replication. Hmmm.  I think I may have to build this task myself, but I will search a little longer, first.


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